Car Electronics

Car electronics

What exactly comes into your mind when you hear about car electronics? Hi-tech safety airbags, the music system that connects to your iPod and the electronic controller steering? Right?  If yes, then doubtless you are on the right track but today's car has a lot more electronics than you probably think. The earliest applications of electronics in automobiles were due to an elementary need to control the engine, but the latest trends and advancements expose how it has evolved to give the most sophisticated driving experience to people.

A car is a four-wheel vehicle that runs on roads generally used for transportation and travel to different parts of the world. Cars have controls for driving, parking, passenger safety, and controlling a variety of lights. Over the decades, extra features and controls like rear reversing cameras, air conditioning, navigation systems, and in-car entertainment have been added to cars, making them gradually more complex. Today the most used vehicle by the number of population is the car. As rapidly developing cities car is the most widely used vehicle in routine life after the public transport and the market is flooded with the car gadgets and continuously showing a rapid growth every year. People are spending more money on these electronics gadgets as comparative to the car.

Car electronics are electronic systems used in vehicles, including engine management, touch ignition, radio, in-car entertainment, navigation systems and others. Today’s cars can have over 50 computer systems dedicated to monitoring and controlling everything from ride handling, to onboard entertainment and communication systems. One of the most demanding electronic parts of an automobile is the engine control unit and also the fast and complicated part of the car. Transmission electronics is the shifting of gears for better shift comfort. Safety systems are always ready to act when the vehicle is going to be crashed or preventing it when it senses a dangerous situation example Airbags, Emergency brake assist, speed assist system, automatic wipers, automatic headlamps, navigation system. ECUs combine the functionalities of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Instrument Cluster, Rear Camera/Parking Assist, and Surround View Systems. Automotive Air pressure checker Ensures correct tire pressure for car safety, handling, and comfortable driving. Radar technology is used for driver-assist systems such as autonomous emergency braking and blind spot detection.

There are many challenges too despite advancing the cars. If we say about automatic navigation system that runs on network cybersecurity of operations against the illegal amendment is required. Secondly, many systems are embedded in a car, but we have to adjust them in a compact size. Moreover, cruise control mode is enhanced in this century cars, but we can’t rely on it as it can cause crashes sometimes. Fossil fuel consumption car is nowadays a headache for the public as well as government as fossil fuels are in limited quantity and also very expensive. So, electric vehicles are taking over fuel cars, but there are still some problems like limited speed and often charging that have to be overcome.   

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