Marine Electronics

Whether you want to explore the oceans or universe, science and technology are playing a crucial role. Many gadgets are used to discover numerous new things which are still unhidden. Marine electronics is a combination of marine science and electronics. Whereas marine is related to or found in the sea, and electronics is defined as circuits or devices using microchips, transistors and other components. So basically, marine electronics is a term that refers to the electronic devices that are designed and invented to be used in the salty water. These instruments are used by board ships and yachts, and most of the devices that are used are waterproof, or water resistant as a single drop of water can spoil the functioning or the whole device.

There are plenty of devices that are floating in the market that helps marine drivers to examine the underwater things. Some devices are the autopilot, fish finder, compass, navigation, video displays, marine radar, satellite television, marine fuel management, self-steering gear and the list goes on. These types of equipment are used in the whole shipping industry and become an essential part of the marine exploration from decades. These devices generally consist of buttons (to make selections) or joystick (to move in all directions of a particular area). Now all these small devices are converging into a large display (which is more versatile) that can perform all the functions of these devices. Access to all information from one single device creates a more improved and valuable tool and also enhances the user experience.

At present, marine electronics is playing a fundamental role in improving many technologies and enhancing the power of ships, yachts, and each electronic part has its own utilization in completing the deck of the marine drivers. Autopilots are a boon for oceanic drivers as standing and monitoring instruments for long hours is very tiring. Fish finder uses the technology of sonar and a display to find and see the fish under the sea water. A navigation system or GPS is used to find the exact position of the ship regarding longitude and latitude. Radar consists of an antenna and a display that enables helmsman to see beyond the range of the naked eye especially at night. Satellite phones are used for the transmission of voice, fax, email and satellite TV is used to watch the TV with the help of satellite transmission. These devices gathering together provide a new life to the boat or ships.

Today ships, boats, and yachts are used to travel, delivering goods over all parts of the world, and it’s tough to sail in water as many problems are faced by the helmsmen.  Today as ships are equipped with many advanced gadgets that help helm to drive safely and to see underwater, giving information about coming storms or any obstacle in the way but still one big dilemma is that even on the best-equipped boats, the captain and crew must know their electronics well enough and to make use of them efficiently.

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