Aviation Handheld Radios

If you are a pilot when you are looking for an Aviation Handheld Radios you must take into account in getting a product in which the design is compact, solid and affordable portable that provides a communication about the International Air Band Communication.
The characteristics most requested by the pilots are the following;
LCD display
Illuminated keyboard
Multiple search functions
Free Windows Memory Control Software
Belt clip
CTCSS Encoder / Decoder
DCS Encoder / Decoder
Direct frequency input
Electronic serial number
Firmware update
High-quality front speaker
Front Panel keys illuminated
Memory channels with the alphanumeric label
200 Memory channels
The menu system for individual configuration
Monitor Function
Programmable memories by PC
Start-up Message
Therefore, if you are a pilot you must take into account what functions.
Backlighting for minimal degradation of night vision.
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