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Buy In-Dash Mounting Kits vinyl or polyurethane?These kits are usually placed on the dashboard, where the LED screen of the car, the music player, the ventilation system, the air conditioning buttons are located. Supports arms and the window up and down button.
These kit are manufactured with:
Vinyl: a simple adhesive paper which you must paste very calmly avoiding bubbles.
Polyurethane plastic: it is the brightest, durable, which has well-defined faces with bevels on the edges of it.
Also for people who can not buy the plastic, they have the option of sending the wooden board which must be treated with a special liquid to shine and practically like polyurethane.
The prices of the vinyl kit are between $ 30 and the plastic polyurethane around $ 150, the latter makes a very respectable imitation of the original board. Hopefully, this information will be of your help at the time of purchase.
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