Alomejor 48V 60V 64V 1000W-1500W Electric Bicycle Brushless Speed Motor Controller for Electric Scooter




Collections: Alarms & Anti-Theft, Powersports Electronics

Product type: Alarms & Anti-Theft

Vendor: Cocosity




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Brand: Cocosity


  • Drive motor start more smoothly, ride more comfortable.
  • The climbing power is stronger, the motor operation sound is small, eliminate tire noise.
  • Can drive sine wave motor, square wave motor, no hall motor.
  • 12 tube (dual-mode square wave) controller.
  • Functions: power supply, power supply li-ion, electric door lock, motor phase line, hole line, speed up the line, dial the three-speed lines, low level brake lines, high brake line, general instrument line, anti-theft alarm the power cord, anti-theft ala
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