Bompa Universal Fit Motorcycle Anti-Theft Alarm Security System Remote Control Engine Start Kit




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Brand: Bompa


  • Special design for motorcycle. Remote controller operation.
  • Locks your motorcycle in case of steering lock damage, attempted wire connection, or short circuit.
  • No stealing while parking and no robbering while driving
  • Recognize the owner of the vehicle and protect from instruction by not allowing the engine to be turned on
  • Control the circuit of the vehicle and make sure your vehicle can not be started with a simple wire bridge.

Binding: Automotive

Details: Description This motorcycle alarm universal fit 12V Motorcycles Remote Controller Distance: 50-100 Meter Included: 1 x Host 2 x Remote Controllers 1 x Connection line 1 x Loudspeaker 1 x User Manual INSTRUCTION ①Anti-theft alarm: In the normal state , single click set button ●Pre-alarming: after 3 seconds of a horn sound, the system automatically get into the security states. ●Emergency alarming: In a state of alert, the engine is locked and unable to start with loud horn blaring if a key is forced to open the locomotive at the same time. ②Anti-Robby: In the driving state, single click set button With loud horn blaring, steering wheel quick flashing and the engine is flameout. ③Disarming: In the alert state, single click remove button Steering wheel flashes twice, the horn rings twice. ④Remote flameout: In the remote start driving state, single click remove button Immediately pow-off, parking stall. ⑤Remote Start: In the normal or alert state, double click start button The Locomotive starts immediately, it can be repeated the above operation if the cold start is not successful. (Note: The Switch button has no effect under the open state) ⑥Overtaking: In the driving state, single click car finder button The horn sounds for 10 seconds and the turn signal synchronous flash, in order to show the overtaking. ⑦Finding car: In the normal or alert state, single click car finder button Telling the owner position after the horn sound for 10 seconds. Press any key to stop. ⑧Remove state or anti-theft state: In the remove state or anti-theft state, long press car finder button 2.5 seconds Consecutively click this button for 2 seconds and then a prompting sound: entering the five-stage vibration sensitive cycle adjustment. The default sensitivity is the fourth level. (The first l

Package Dimensions: 4.4 x 4.3 x 2.6 inches