ELING Marine Auto MPH GPS Speedometer Odometer 80MPH Speed Gauge with ODO COG Trip 85mm




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Brand: ELING


  • Open a 3-3/8" dimension and 2-3/4" depth hole, put gauge into it and fasten
  • Hook up easily, 3 wires connection(power, ground, lighting). This is complete unit, can work directly with gps sensor together, not need other sensor cables. Mount the sensor at any position, on or under the dashboard.
  • It shows Current Speed, TRIP/COG(choose one), ODO(cannot be reset). If you need other color faceplate, pls. search for ASIN B07KNR68D8 or B07KNR2ZFT
  • Backlight: Red Green Blue White Yellow Orange Purple Light Green or automatic
  • 9-32VDC(12VDC/24VDC) Working Voltage,1 year Warranty, 100% Waterproof and anti-fogging protection

Details: Product Features: -Suitable for all cars, tractors, vans, motorcycle, vessels, boats, yachts, etc. -The signal comes directly from the satellite signal receiver (GPS Speed Sensor) -The gauge has the advantages of high precision, quick location confirmation and short start up time. -IP67 waterproof and dustproof grade -Stepper motors used for full range of stepping gauges, great feature with its less power consumption, longer life, higher precision, etc. -With curved glass (with anti-fogging function) -With ultra-wide working voltage design( long-term operating voltage: 9-32V, Maximum up to: 36V (≤ 1 min)). Technical Data: -Fixing dimension: 85mm(3-3/8") -Indicating Range:0-80MPH -Faceplate Color: black faceplate with Stainless Steel. If you need other faceplate, pls. search for B07KNR68D8 (WS) and B07KNR2ZFT (BN) -Working Voltage: 9-32VDC(12VDC/24VDC) -Backlight: Red Green Blue White Yellow Orange Purple Light Green or automatic -Functions: Needle shows current speed; Led window shows: TRIP/COG(choose anyone) and ODO TRIP---TRIP01(Default) one-trip mileage which will come back to 0 after power off, TRIP02 one-trip mileage which accumulates after power off, but you can press “Set” button for 3-5 seconds to clear the data. COG---course over ground ODO---recording total mileages automatically and cannot be reset -Connection: Blue wire--Negative/Ground, Red wire--Positive, Orange wire--Positive(lighting wire) -After connection, it takes about 30 seconds to get signal in the first time, but less than 3 seconds after that. It gets quicker under a clear view of the sky. Sometimes if signal is missing, pls. reconnect all wires and restart it. Package Includes: 1x GPS speedometer 1x GPS Speed Sensor 1x Multi-plug socket 1x Installation Instruction

Package Dimensions: 4.2 x 4.1 x 3.7 inches

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