Mio MiVue 798 Mounted Car Security Dash Camera with Sony's Premium STARVIS Sensor 2.5K QHD 1600p, 150° Wide-Angle Lens - Built-in GPS, G-Sensor for Emergency Backup, WiFi Connectivity & Safety Alerts




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  • STARVIS CMOS Premium Quality Footage - The MiVue 798 provides 2.5K QHD 1600p footage with 150° wide angle viewing and F1.8 aperture. Designed with Sony’s Premium STARVIS CMOS, every detail on the road will be captured with incredible contrast and rich colors, even in low-light conditions. Perfect for recording memories to sharing footage with insurance for a claim. Made in Taiwan.
  • Built-In, Fully Integrated GPS - Unlike competitors’ dash cams, the GPS is housed entirely inside the device, logging your location and speed with every recording. With no external GPS box, the MiVue 798 sports a streamlined, strong, and compact design that will go hardly noticed on your front window.
  • Built-In Wifi For Ultimate Connectivity - It’s never been easier to transfer footage from the dash cam to your devices. Using the device’s integrated WIFI, immediately download the recordings to your smartphone and then share videos via the MiVue Pro app.
  • Prioritized Safety Features - With general fixed and dynamic distance warning reminder technology, the Smart Alert function warns drivers according to the speed and distance they are from the camera. The device’s Advanced Driver Assistance System boasts Lane Departure and Forward Collision Warnings, as well as Fatigue Alert. The built-in 3-axis G-Sensor instantly starts recording in the event of an accident or sudden change of motion, ensuring the recorded data cannot be overwritten.
  • Video Playback Software - Watch your recordings in Full HD video on the MiVue Pro App for smartphones, or the MiVue Manager for desktops. Utilize the MiVue Manager PC Tool to organize and share your videos on social media, or playback your route using the GPS overlay of the video synchronized with Google Maps. Dash cam includes a 16GB Class 10 microSD card for storage.

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Details: Style and quality combined Built to last, your MiVue™ 798 is strong and sturdy. The seamless device not only sits unobtrusively on your dashboard, but can also be comfortably stored in your vehicle’s glove compartment. Perfectly clear picture quality Designed with Sony's high-quality STARVIS CMOS, the MiVue™ 798 produces footage with superb contrast, clear and rich colours, even in low-light conditions. High video quality is quintessential, whether you want the footage to record memories to stay with you forever or to share with your insurance company for a claim. Undisputable picture quality 2.5K QHD 1600p: Created to capture every detail, the MiVue™ 798 provides 2.5K QHD 1600p footage with 150° wide angle viewing and F1.8 aperture. Day or night, the high quality camera captures everything, including registration plates* and tail lights. * Sharing and/or streaming of personal data is at users discretion. Please check local legislation. Ultimate connectivity Built-in WIFI: Immediately back up your videos to your smartphone or share them via the MiVue™ Pro app, with the device’s integrated WIFI. Moving your precious footage from your dash-cam to your phone or desktop has really never been easier. You can also update the MiVue™ 798’s firmware and speed camera data with WIFI OTA (Over-the-air) update, ensuring your device is always up to date. Track and record your journey GPS tracking: The GPS module is housed entirely inside the dash cam unlike other dash cams on the market, so there's no external boxes tacked on. Your location and your speed are logged on every recording. Your safety comes first GPS Safety camera warnings: With general fixed-distance warning and the exclusively patented dynamic warning reminder technology, the Smart Alert function will warn the driver according to the driving speed and distance they are from the camera. Enjoy free safety camera data updates. * Speed camera warnings are not available in some states or regions due to local regulations. Created for your safety Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: The MiVue™ 798 comes with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Fatigue Alert (FA) and Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) all add up to maximum peace of mind. It has your back: traceable movements 3-Axis G-Sensor: In an emergency, the MiVue™ 798 comes into its own. When the 3-axis G-Sensor detects sudden changes in motion, it will instantly save a protected file that can’t be overwritten. Record at all times with Parking Mode With the latest motion detection technology, MiVue™ 798 can automatically activate and record videos when a motion or collision is detected near the front of the vehicle. This helps collect evidence even when you're not in the car. Requires SmartBox, available separately.

Package Dimensions: 6.1 x 3.8 x 2.9 inches

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