Steering Wheel Lock Universal Security Car Anti Theft Safety Alarm Lock Retractable Anti Theft Protection T-Lock




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Brand: Vechkom


  • Configure Alarm System: After locking, the function starts in 8s, and the red light of the alarm lock flashes, When there is a slight shake, Alarm lock will continue to emit 25s 130 db alarm Sound
  • Three-direction locking: The thief must cut off the left right and below sides of the steering wheel at the same time, then he could remove the lock, According to the test, it takes 45 minutes to cut three bars, and most thieves usually give up in 5 minutes without opening the lock
  • Solid steel bar: Heat-treated steel bar, improve the hardness of steel, wear-resisting, strong and durable, prevent cutting saw, prevent beat, rust prevention, crack prevention
  • Unique multi-segment design: The lock adopts the sawtooth design, Scalable and flexible, suitable for more than 99% of the steering wheel, Push it hard can be locked, no need key to operation
  • T-lock:The lock on the steering wheel Three Forks, lock handle clamp the car body, the steering wheel can not rotate, Security anti-theft, Greatly improve anti-theft performance.The length of the steering wheel alarm lock is: 39-45cm (after extension) / 15.5inch-17.7inch.If the steering wheel size is too small, looseness is normal. If the lock is too tight on the steering wheel that will damage the steering wheel. So please check the size before purchasing.

Configure Alarm System, Greatly improve anti-theft performance
Install in seconds; Push it hard can be locked, no need key to operation, Compact for easy storage
Can be used as a safety hammer, the lock is made of high-strength steel bar, can easily knock open the glass, safe escape. It's not only a security car lock, also a safety hammer
Safety and Wear-resistant: The Steering wheel cover and handles are made of high-grade leather, it is not damaged during use. Feel comfortable
Lock beam sawtooth design: can be adjusted with the steering wheel size, suitable for more than 99% of the steering wheel, plus the steering wheel sleeve can also be used
Alarm Device Power: Need 3 section 7th battery, alarm device can run normally

Locking Instructions:
1. Just locked into the standby state, the warning light does not immediately light up, there are a few seconds to stay, in order to prevent False alarms when the owner closed the door caused vibration
2. After 8 seconds, turn into the warning state, the LED indicator light is flashing, slightly touched, it will alarm
3. After the alarm is activated, the warning light flashes rapidly, giving 130 db of warning sound after 8 seconds, This is to prevent the owner unlock, open the door or other ways to touch the alarm, resulting in false alarms

Package includes:
1x Steering Wheel Alarms Lock
2x Keys

Package Dimensions: 16.7 x 5.9 x 4.1 inches

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